The travel industry is a highly fragmented market with an overwhelming amount of suppliers, each with its own standards, policies and specifications. Having one of the largest potential profit margins among travel products, hotels present an especially complex, though profitable segment.

Utilizing Centrium Systems universal XML API allows you to tap into these resources without having to connect each one of them separately, providing a significant shortcut not only in terms of time to market and cost effectiveness, but even more importantly allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – a specifically tailored and appealing offering to your clients.

If you are familiar with the way hotel wholesalers are operating, you’re probably aware that each of them has its own criteria to working with and presenting the data. This results in a highly inefficient representation of content where each hotel can have a slightly different name across various systems.

Centrium Systems universal XML API allows you to not only access multiple hotel wholesalers but also provides powerful standardisation capabilities to eliminate any content duplication and to allow for unified search results and streamlined workflow.

Whether you are in search for a technological platform to take your operation to the next professional level or already have the infrastructure in place, but ready to see how it can be improved, contact us for a detailed presentation of how Centrium System can enhance your capabilities and increase your distribution.