Welcome to Centrium Systems

Marketing hotels using electronic distribution channels is a chance and challenge at the same time. Never before has there been such a wide range of possibilities for placing offers on the global market: online booking machines, central reservation systems (CRS), global distribution systems (GDS), multi-channel managers and internet distribution systems (IDS).

The number of internet reservation platforms and technological developments such as mobile terminals continue to increase rapidly as well.

Finding the most effective and profitable distribution channels for a specific hotel type in a particular destination – by provider and number of channels – belongs to the most important issues for a sustainable online success. It is particularly important to strategically choose the “right” distribution channels and, at the same time, to limit effort and costs for the company.

Regardless of which solution you decide upon – Centrium Systems can support all your connections to the world of online booking! The main principle of Centrium Systems is managing data and reservations centrally and in real time. That means you maintain your data and rates in YOUR Centrium System while WE manage the distribution.